Song by a Lewis Herring Girl
Maggie December 04, 2012
This song rekindled memories for several members of the audience. Written in the 1920/30s it was sung in Lewis in the 1940s/50s. Thanks to John Tonkan MacDonald Portvoller for the words and the tune. 

Stronsay Rocky Shores by Jessie A Finlayson Barvas


With careless steps we wandered by Stronsay’s rocky shores

With hearts that beat so fondly as lovers I have known

These days of perfect happiness I will enjoy no more

For you have now exchanged your love to cruel hate and scorn.


You taught me how to love you, now teach me to forget

To heal this broken heart of mine withinn my sighing breast

It s not that you were married although the act was mean

It was courting under false pretense that caused my heart to wring.


Go now and calculate the precious weight of sin

To lead another girl astray while you yourself had one

Though willing I would pardon for all the harm you’ve done

You’ll need to seek another judge and beg him to forgive.


Though I am critising, I’ll not entirely blame

For you were not a Highlander with spirit oh so brave

If you would have that noble blood encircled in your veins

You wouldn’t act so cowardly or play so foul a game.


Before I end my history this misery of mine

I’ll give a worry to the girls and tell them to be wise

If they would want a lover true that would not pass them by

Oh never trust a Lowlander nor on his oath rely.



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