Contemporary nature poetry
Maggie August 05, 2013

I saw Willie John Teddy today, one of our most prolific bards.  While leafing through his collection of poetry he discounted "Lotan Nadar" a poem about climate and environmental change as "nobody had put a tune to the words". This is one of the most powerful contemporary nature poems we have in Gaelic.


This is where Maggie Smith hangs her head in shame as she had set the words of "Lotan Nadar" to a tune some years ago. 


We have poetry which could enrich the lives of Gaelic learners and native speakers... if it was accessible. Is there anyone out there who would like to see new songs, using the poetry, written by the last of the village bards? Can we work together to put their writing out there as new songs... to the benefit of the environment and our mother tongue.

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