November- December 2016
Maggie October 22, 2016
The Cabraich Arts community has developed into a roller coaster during November and December.
A) Friday evening music session at the Retirement Centre in Bayhead continues weekly  
between 6 and 9pm 

B) Ladies Open -Mic Thursday 10th November Bridge Centre 7.30-10pm
C) Lochs Open-Mic Saturday 12th November Balallan Hall 6.30-9pm
C) Tea and Technology Lochs Thursday 17th November Balallan Hall in Conjunction with WI Dementia    Cafes.  2-3.30pm
D) Tea and Technology Lochs Wednesday 7th December Ravenspoint in Conjunction with WI Dementia   Cafes 2-3.30pm
E) Ladies Open-Mic Thursday 8th December Bridge Centre 7.30-10pm.

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