Psalmboats Events 3-5th September
Maggie August 20, 2015

Sailing the Loch: Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th and Saturday 5th September

After months of planning, we can now reveal that Falmadair and the Psalmboat Project will sail the fine big Sgoth Niseach boats in Loch Erisort, visiting the villages and sites of importance around Ceòs, Crosbost, Cromor and Eilean Chaluim Chille. 


We warmly invite you to participate in these historic sea journeys and invite psalmsingers to meet us on the quays: it's a bit early to predict the weather, but over those three days Ian Stephen, chief skipper, is confident we can capture the essence of the stories which have so generously been shared by local people. 


There are still several details to finalise. From the enthusiastic turnout at our original 2011 event on Ceòs pier, we know that many local people care deeply about these stories and will want to contribute in some way. 

Bidh fàilte chridheil ann dhuibh!



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